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Please note this may not work for everyone… HOT!!! I hear they are selling fast but some stores are refusing to honor the deal. Good luck!

[Starbucks] Buy 4 packs of Verismo, get Verismo 580 FREE! [Dec 18]

Comments on this entry are closed. I agree that is a staples coupon so they dont get thier money back on it like you would with a manufactures coupon so they are taking a loss on everyone that is taken this way they would have done it at my store here but i refuse to get things when the company takes a big loss on it that is why prices are going up the way they are.

Plus include how much they mark up goods such as this, that are no longer made with quality and that you will more than likely have to replace in a year, then no it is not cheating the store or ill gotten goods.

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But again that is just my two cents. Yes it is money out of the employees pockets when they figure up loss and sales to determine profit sharing and bonus payment that is part of the loss which lowers the amounts. And yes it absolutely is cheating the store because the coupon was designed to bring the in-store price down to the online price, not to be used to reduced the online price in-store to free.

For example, we lose money on every single computer we sell unless customers buy service plans, software, tech, etc. Coupon cant be used as the sale for that is part of the daily deals and they wont price match daily deals….. Coupon does the price matching! Regular price is I would not do this deal, it is frauding Staples and I know too many people who work there, just another scam in my opinion.. Why do you tell people to do this, it is not a legitimate deal, the company Staples if they would give your the brewer will be taking it in the end..

I work at staples and you cant get it for free. You either price match to the online price or you use the coupon but you cant do both.

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Its not that we refuse to do it its company policy. Our store only had two in stock and they sold since we had the sale price in store last week. This is NOT a valid offer. There has been a corporate memo sent out to the stores instructing them not to use this method.

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Thanks in advance. The online price has the coupon already applied. My daughter works at Staples and dealt with this all day today. They had to get Corporate involved and they backed them up. People were trying to use coupons and price matching to get it free. My daughter works at Staples and dealt with this all day today. They had to get Corporate involved and they backed them up. People were trying to use coupons and price matching to get it free. You can use one or the other, not both. Why would anyone think that a store would give items away for free?

People who took advantage and actually got this deal for free are going to ruin Staples very generous price matching and coupon deals for everyone. If they took enough of a loss they may have to be more strict on their offers and everyone will lose out on great sales in the long run because of these greedy, disgusting people. Stop hiding products from the public. Never shopping staples again. It seems like anytime they send out coupons that particular item is always out of stock. Never fooled again. Staple has an awesome return policy and then have been generous towards me in the past. All Rights Reserved.

April 7th, April 7, pm. Thanks Toni!

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